Retire On One Property Deal, Barry Davies

Retire On One Property DealRetire On One Property Deal goes some way to addressing such questions. I have known the author Barry Davies for a few years and can vouch for the fact that he has been downright, brutally honest about the pain and downsides of investing, ie when things go wrong, as well as about the huge upsides. Only by overcoming the former in many cases can we achieve the latter, and so it has been for Barry. The book starts with a painful personal tale of a deal that went horribly wrong and the fallout that went with it, then goes on to showcase how grit, determination and know-how can lead to a spectacular recovery.
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Property Investors’ Favourite Books

This selection of books comes courtesy of Susannah Cole (The Good Property Company) and the Facebook BMV Group. As well as titles specific to property, the list includes books on success mindset, positive thinking, wealth development and marketing, So get a cup of tea/coffee/something stronger and settle down for a good rummage through the virtual shelves. Continue reading

The Millionaire Next Door, Stanley & Danko

The Millionaire Next DoorThis is perhaps the ultimate book about getting rich slow. The Millionaire Next Door is an American title, so largely focussing on observations of US citizens, but the principles are likely to hold true in the UK too. Continue reading

Multiple Streams of Income, Robert Allen

Multiple Streams of IncomeNot to be confused with Multiple Streams of Property Income by UK property investor, businessman and author Rob Moore, Multiple Streams of Income has been around for a while longer. From American author Robert Allen, it refers to dollars rather than sterling, but many of the principles will also apply on this side of the Atlantic. Continue reading

How to Get Rich – Not Quick, Norb Janis

How to Get Rich, Not QuickAnother book recommended by Richard Brown, founder of The Property Voice, as one of his top five books in the Property Tribes Essential Book List, How to Get Rich – Not Quick is a very short, low cost title available (I think) only on the Kindle. Continue reading

How to Get Rich, Felix Dennis

How to Get RichAnother favourite of Nick Fox and included on the Property Tribes Essential Book List, How to Get Rich is a combination of business wisdom and wealth development. Continue reading

Real Estate Riches, Dolf de Roos

eal Estate RichesReal Estate Riches is quite possibly one of the classics of property investing. It has been on my reading list for a long time and I haven’t yet read it, but this recommendation comes from Nick Fox as part of the Property Tribes Essential Property Book List. Continue reading

The One Minute Millionaire, Allen & Hansen

The One Minute MillionaireAnother new book for my list, and don’t you just love the title? I have been rather a fan of Mark Victor Hansen’s books and titles that he has contributed to since reading The Power of Focus years ago. The One Minute Millionaire promises to be no exception. Continue reading

Billionaire: The Life and Times of Sir James Goldsmith, Ivan Fallon

Billionaire: The Life and Times of Sir James GoldsmithContinuing the series of investor favourites for Property Tribes’ essential book list, Billionaire: The Life and Times of Sir James Goldsmith is another to add to my reading list. Continue reading

Awaken the Giant Within, Anthony Robbins

Awaken the Giant WithinAwaken the Giant Within has become one of the classics of both the self-help and success psychology genres. I’m no great fan of the hype surrounding Anthony Robbins, but you’d go a long way to argue with the principles in this book. Continue reading