Millionaire Property Author, Stephanie Hale

Millionaire Property AuthorThis is one for all you budding property authors out there. Millionaire Property Author does pretty much what it says on the tin, and it is definitely worth getting hold of a copy if you are thinking of putting pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard) to get your own message out there. Continue reading

Why Property Works, Hazel de Kloe

Why Property Works by Hazel de KloeDo you know why you want to or already invest in property? What is the motivation that will keep you going when times get tough? These are the sorts of questions that Hazel de Kloe tackles in Why Property Works. Continue reading

Beyond the Bricks: Financial Freedom Through Property, Rob Dix

Beyond the Bricks: The inside story of how 9 everyday investors found financial freedom through propertyThis is different to any other property book I have yet read. If you like learning from others’ experiences, then you will enjoy this. The author, Rob Dix, has collated stories, backgrounds and strategy details from nine UK-based investors, and analyses the findings at the end. Continue reading

The Naked Warrior, Benjamin Leppier

The Naked Warrior: Release the Inner Warrior and Transform Your LifeEvery now and again, a book comes along that is remarkable because it has been written from the heart. The Naked Warrior is one such. The author, Benjamin Leppier, speaks about transforming your life; in doing so, he has drawn on personal experience in turning his life around, providing a sense of the real person behind the words. Continue reading

Adding Zeros to Your Property Mindset

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on my property mindset. By listening to a series of audio recordings on the subject of success and personal development, I began to realise why we have been stuck at a particular financial level. Continue reading

The Rascal’s Guide to Real Estate, Olly Newland

Rascal's Guide to Real Estate, The: How to Make Big Profits from Property and Avoid the Traps! The Rascal’s Guide to Real Estate: How to Make Big Profits from Property and Avoid the Traps! by Olly Newland, an outspoken professional property investor based in New Zealand who “aims his flame thrower at real estate agents, bankers, lawyers, financial planners, tenants of every kind, property syndicate promoters — not to mention the many unscrupulous con-artists he’s come across” during his 40 year career in property. Continue reading

Make Cash in a Property Market Crash, Moore & Homer

Make Cash in a Property Market CrashMake Cash in a Property Market Crash is the second book by Progressive Property’s Rob Moore and Mark Homer. Written in 2008–at a time when fear was (and still is, at time of writing) pervading the national property market following the credit crunch–the book describes why now is a golden opportunity for investment, not likely to be repeated within our lifetime, and exactly how to take advantage from the current situation and profit from it. Continue reading

The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets, Moore & Homer

The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property SecretsThe 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets , written by Rob Moore and Mark Homer of Progressive Property, lays out the mindset needed for success in property and throws down the gauntlet to its readers to get started without further delay. It’s written in a very conversational style and is an easy, yet engaging read. By the end of the book, you’ll feel like you’re best mates with the authors (more on this later). Whilst I’d struggle to describe the information contained within as “closely guarded secrets”, I suppose it makes little difference how you get started — just as long as you do get started. This book will help you with that. Continue reading