Property Investors’ Favourite Books

This selection of books comes courtesy of Susannah Cole (The Good Property Company) and the Facebook BMV Group. As well as titles specific to property, the list includes books on success mindset, positive thinking, wealth development and marketing, So get a cup of tea/coffee/something stronger and settle down for a good rummage through the virtual shelves. Continue reading

Low Cost High Life, Mark Homer

Low Cost High LifeThe latest title from the Progressive Property stable is by Mark Homer. A very interesting read indeed, it fulfils the not-always-achieved feat of living up to the promise of the cover blurb (or Amazon description, depending on what entices you to buy it). Continue reading

Beyond the Bricks: Financial Freedom Through Property, Rob Dix

Beyond the Bricks: The inside story of how 9 everyday investors found financial freedom through propertyThis is different to any other property book I have yet read. If you like learning from others’ experiences, then you will enjoy this. The author, Rob Dix, has collated stories, backgrounds and strategy details from nine UK-based investors, and analyses the findings at the end. Continue reading

In Conversation with: Angela Bryant

Angela Bryant, author of The Complete Guide to Property Investing SuccessI recently had the opportunity and pleasure of chatting with Angela Bryant, author of The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success. Quietly one of the UK’s property greats, there’s not a lot she doesn’t know about buy-to-let and making the numbers work. Continue reading

In Conversation with: HMO Landlady

HMO LandladyIn the first Property Bookshop author profile, we talk to HMO Landlady, author of Renting HMOs Sussed. In a few years, she has gone from renovating a house, to running a B&B to owning and managing a portfolio of Houses of Multiple Occupation. Continue reading

Online Tool for Due Diligence

Due diligence is an essential investigation process for all investors, including property investors. Useful for this stage of a venture that involves working with others, Duedil is a tool that can help you find out background information about companies and individuals. Continue reading

Property Tribes

The Property Tribes forum is a valuable source of information for property investors. Many contributors have years of experience and share their knowledge and experiences daily. Continue reading

About Jayne

Jayne OwenJayne Owen is a professional property investor and landlord with several years experience. She also offers a technical editing and proof-reader service for property publications through Mozaique Property. She is a contributing editor at Continue reading

About David

David GW BartlettDavid GW Bartlett is a full-time professional landlord, property investor, developer with over 10 years experience. Founder of, which shows people how to profit from property investment, development and letting. Continue reading