Retire On One Property Deal, Barry Davies

Retire On One Property DealRetire On One Property Deal goes some way to addressing such questions. I have known the author Barry Davies for a few years and can vouch for the fact that he has been downright, brutally honest about the pain and downsides of investing, ie when things go wrong, as well as about the huge upsides. Only by overcoming the former in many cases can we achieve the latter, and so it has been for Barry. The book starts with a painful personal tale of a deal that went horribly wrong and the fallout that went with it, then goes on to showcase how grit, determination and know-how can lead to a spectacular recovery.
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Mayhem, Murder & Multi-Lets, Francis Dolley

Mayhem, Murder & Multi-Lets by Francis DolleyAnd now for something completely different … well, sort of. Author Francis Dolley (along with daughter Emily) is well known for his work with multi-letting and the rent-to-rent strategy, but Mayhem, Murder & Multi-Lets turned out to be much more than the theory of rent-to-rent that I expected. It is a thoroughly entertaining read, and one that might well have you laughing out loud at times and cringing at others. Continue reading

HMO Property Success, Nick Fox

HMO Property Success by Nick FoxThe Other Half and I have done quite a few things in property, but one of the things we do not have experience of (yet) is a professional House in Multiple Occupation (HMO). If/when that happens, I will be re-reading this book from cover to cover. Continue reading

Student Letting, Simon Thompson

Student Letting: The Professional Landlord's Guide to Buying and Renting Out PropertyI am slightly ashamed to say that this book has been sitting in my rapidly growing pile of books to review for longer than it should have. However, there was a little bit of method in my … well, not quite procrastination, because this time of year is a particularly intense one for student landlords and I thought it might be a relevant time to bring this title to your attention. So, before I start, an apology to Simon and the crew at Accommodation for Students for holding back, albeit with good intentions. Continue reading

In Conversation with: Barry Davies

Barry DaviesI was very grateful to Barry Davies for taking time out from his busy schedule to have a chat on the very day that he was going off on holiday to South America. I was even more grateful that he stayed on the line for an extra few minutes following technical problems at my end that resulted in an aborted first call. Continue reading

Escape the Rat Race, Barry Davies

Escape the Rat Race: With Property Lease OptionsEscape the Rat Race with Property Lease Options by Barry Davies is the featured review in the April 2013 issue of Your Property Network magazine.
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Guide to Living in a Shared House

A newsletter landed in my inbox today with a link to a handy little booklet called A Guide to Living in a Shared House. It is a free download from the Francis and Emily, founders of the Multi Let Cash Flow System (MLCS) and is so useful for landlords I just had to share it. Continue reading

In Conversation with: HMO Landlady

HMO LandladyIn the first Property Bookshop author profile, we talk to HMO Landlady, author of Renting HMOs Sussed. In a few years, she has gone from renovating a house, to running a B&B to owning and managing a portfolio of Houses of Multiple Occupation. Continue reading

Renting HMOs Sussed, HMO Landlady

Renting HMOs Sussed Renting HMOs Sussed by the HMO Landlady is the book reviewed in the February 2013 edition of Your Property Network. Published in the second half of last year, this book is a concise, up-to-date guide of what running a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) is really like. Continue reading

House Share Hero, Steve Julien

House Share HeroHouse Share Hero, by Steve Julien, follows the anything but ordinary life of an HMO landlord. It reveals how, over the last decade or so, Steve has built up a substantial portfolio of house shares, left the rat race and now looks after over eighty tenants — yet only works a few hours a week. Continue reading