The Secrets of Buy to Let Success, Nick Fox

Secrets Of Buy To Let SuccessThis book covers the essentials of property investing, going from preparation and setting a strategy, to making sure the numbers work, and on to the very important part about letting, maintaining and managing the property after you have bought it. Continue reading

The Property Triangle, Graham Kinnear

The Property TriangleThe Property Triangle is a quiet, unassuming but very sensible and down-to-earth guide to investing in property. Targetting new investors who want to build an ongoing income or realise capital growth, there are no ‘get-rich-quick’ approaches in this book, just plenty of solid advice for buying, renting out and/or selling property. Continue reading

The Landlord’s Friend, Shamplina & Faulkner

The Landlord's FriendIf you’re a landlord, you need this book in your life. The Landlord’s Friend is a summary of what you need to know if you rent out residential property. It covers preparataion, legislation, best practice, warnings – in other words, a whole stack of essential information. Continue reading

Boost Your Pension and Income from Property, Kam Dovedi

Boost Your Pension and Income from PropertyKam Dovedi is a successful investor based in London, and he is ready to share that success through his property-based services, i.e., through joint ventures; sourcing, purchase and lettings; mentoring, and so on. He has also chosen to share a) what he has done and b) how you can invest successfully, in this book. Continue reading

Money for Nothing and Your Property for Free, Andy Shaw

Money for Nothing and Your Property for FreeInvestor Jonathan Clarke lists this as one of his favourites on the Property Tribes Essential reading list. Money for Nothing and Your Property for Free has mixed reviews on Amazon and, written back in 2006, times have changed quite radically in the property world since it was published, especially with regard to finance and mortgages. Continue reading

Property Tycoon, Ian Samuels

Property Tycoon by Ian SamuelsThis is a property investment book for new investors, but one with a difference. Property Tycoon is for people who are prepared to start small and think big – it is about planning to build a multi-million portfolio from the very beginning of your property journey. Continue reading

Your Pension Shortfall, Your Retirement Rescue Plan, Gill Alton

Your Pension Shortfall Your Retirement Rescue PlanBefore getting stuck into the April 2014 YPN review, would you mind indulging me in a little personal digression? My parents retired twenty years ago. Pragmatic Welsh farmers, they subscribed to the work hard, save hard ethos common to their generation, a tough combination of factors that led to practical but extremely cautious retirement plans. Continue reading

The Property Coach, Aran Curry

The Property CoachAran Curry’s book The Property Coach is the featured book review in the June 2013 edition of Your Property Network.
Continue reading

Retire Early Retire Wealthy, Roly Weaver

Retire Early Retire Wealthy - Your Essential Guide to Successful Property InvestingThe featured book review in the May 2013 edition Your Property Network is Retire Early Retire Wealthy by Roly Weaver. Continue reading

Complete Guide to Property Investing Success, Angela Bryant

The Complete Guide to Property Investing SuccessAlthough published back in 2008, The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success is the closest I have yet found to a how-to manual or handbook on the broad subject of property investing. Though we cannot get away from the fact that the property world has moved on in the intervening years, consequently dating a small proportion of the information, I cannot stress strongly enough that this book is one of the property greats. Continue reading