In Conversation with: HMO Landlady

HMO LandladyIn the first Property Bookshop author profile, we talk to HMO Landlady, author of Renting HMOs Sussed. In a few years, she has gone from renovating a house, to running a B&B to owning and managing a portfolio of Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

She learned the hard way, and fast. Rather surprised to inherit five tenants with the first multi-let property, she very soon found her way around both the house itself and the ordeal of managing the disparate group of people living in it.

Taking on two more multi-let properties shortly afterwards, there have plenty of challenges and rewards over the last few years. She recounts tales that are not for the fainthearted landlord, dealing with issues that include tenant squabbles, drugs, alcoholism and knife attacks.

It has not all been bad though. There have been plenty of laughs along the way, too. And her tenants, she says, have taught her a great deal and allow her, for the most part, to be able to structure her life around her children.

Far from being daunted by the experiences, at the end of last year, she started to let and manage two more HMO properties for another investor who had no experience.

And what next for the HMO Landlady? Listen to In Conversation with HMO Landlady MP3 for more details, but there may be a TV appearance and another book in the offing.

Find out more about HMO Landlady on her blog and on Property Tribes.

Download the In Conversation with HMO Landlady MP3 to hear the full conversation on audio.

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