The Essentials: HBR’s 10 Must Reads

The Essentials: HBR's 10 Must ReadsTime to take a step up in the business and academic stakes with a title from the Havard Business School. The Havard Business Review’s 10 Must Reads – The Essentials appears on John Paul’s selection for the Property Tribes Essential Book List. Continue reading

Fish! Lundin, Paul & Christensen

Fish!Not a pescatarian cookery book, but one about creating an energetic, positive workplace. This is another of John Paul’s favourites in his selection for the Property Tribes Essential Book List. A combination of mindset and business principles, Fish! takes a fictional manager through the process of turning an unenthusiastic team into one that is energised and effective, thus transforming the working environment. Continue reading

Customer Mania! Ken Blanchard

Customer Mania!Another book from Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager and Raving Fans, which are also included on the Property Tribes Essential Book List. This is another of John Paul’s favourites and carries a similar message to Raving Fans – that a great business is down to superlative customer service. Continue reading

Raving Fans, Blanchard and Bowles

Raving FansFrom the same author as The One Minute Manager and maintaining a similar parable style, Raving Fans deals with boosting results by delivering outstanding customer service. Another favourite of John Paul and included in his selection for the Property Tribes Essential Book List, he has taken the advice of creating fans instead of customers in his own business. Continue reading

Key Management Ratios, Ciaran Walsh

Key Management RatiosJohn Paul’s selection of favourites for the Property Tribes Essential Book List takes us more highbrow in the Business section. As well as some of the well-known popular titles, he includes some heavyweights (not in the literal sense!), one of which is this title from the Financial Times Series. Continue reading

Four Seasons, Isadore Sharp

Four Seasons: The Story of a Business PhilosophyFour Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy is the memoir of the founder of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. It is an investor favourite and although I haven’t read it myself, I think it will likely be an engaging tale. Continue reading

Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Total RecallAlthough this would not immediately have come to my mind when considering books for property investing, one cannot deny that Arnold Schwarzenegger has had an interesting and varied life. That he is also a successful real estate developer is less well-known. Continue reading

Work the System, Sam Carpenter

Work the SystemThis book is on the Property Tribes Essential Reading list, and is one of Niraj Shah’s favourites. Work the System, as the title suggests, is all about systemising your business so that you can regain your time. Continue reading

The Road Less Travelled, M Scott Peck

The Road Less TravelledI first read my well-thumbed copy of this book years and years ago, and was fascinated when Jonathan Clarke listed it as one of his favourites. When it comes to the subject of the mind, The Road Less Travelled is a heavyweight, going way beyond success mindset principles to address some of life’s big issues. Continue reading

The Beermat Entrepreneur, Southon & West

The Beermat EntrepreneurThe Beermat Entrepreneur is a well-known and popular book about taking your inspiration for a business – that you might just have jotted down on a beermat in the pub – and turning it into a reality. It addresses the “What next?” questions after you have done the jottings. Continue reading