The Secrets of Buy to Let Success, Nick Fox

The Secrets of Buy To Let SuccessAs well as building up an extensive portfolio of single lets and HMO’s, Nick Fox has in the past year or two become quite a prolific author. Three of his books currently grace my shelves (thank you, Nick!), and this is the second one I’ve reviewed – the first being HMO Property Success.

The great thing about Nick’s books is that they are to the point, relevant, packed with common sense and yet retain a sense of humour. There is a lot to be learned on these pages, especially if you are new or fairly new to investing. A section that is a particular favourite of mine in The Secrets of Buy To Let success
can be found in Chapter 1: Before Investing; under the title What kind of property investor are you? he talks about setting a property strategy that will suit your personality, something that is just as important as the financial side of things yet often overlooked.

This book covers the essentials of property investing, going from preparation and setting a strategy, to making sure the numbers work, and on to the very important part about letting, maintaining and managing the property after you have bought it.

I’m glad to see more property books these days taking into account the responsibilities of being a landlord instead of talking solely about the potential for creating wealth. The latter is true of course, if done well and carefully, but holding property usually goes hand in hand with tenants of one sort or another.

If Nick weren’t already busy enough, he also has a mentoring and coaching element to his business. If you like his books and really want to propel yourself forward, check out his web site.

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