The Property Triangle, Graham Kinnear

Your Property Network: August 2015 Book Review

The Property TriangleThe Property Triangle is a quiet, unassuming but very sensible and down-to-earth guide to investing in property. Targeting new investors who want to build an ongoing income or realise capital growth, there are no ‘get-rich-quick’ approaches in this book, just plenty of solid advice for buying, renting out and/or selling property.

Graham Kinnear is arguably one of the most experienced and knowledgeable people on the property scene. A regular contributor to Your Property Network magazine, he has years of experience as an estate and letting agent (including his own business), as an investor and as a professional advisor to the media, among quite a lot of other things. He is also one of the founders of Landlord Assist. Few are more qualified to write a book about property investment, and for that reason alone, The Property Triangle should be on your list to read. It’s an excellent bit of education and if you are new to property, you could do a lot worse than start with this.

The concept of the book is based around the Triangle of the title, something that Graham has derived from years and years of experience of valuing residential property. It’s a simple concept and a valuable tool, but you’ll need to crunch some numbers so have a calculator and a prospective deal or two to hand when you read it.

While chatting to Graham at a recent event, he told me about some of the colourful experiences he and colleagues encountered during estate and letting agency days. I only hope that there is another book in the offing.


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