Successful Property Letting, David Lawrenson

Successful Property Letting: How to Make Money in Buy-to-let David Lawrenson’s Successful Property Letting is the book that started me off on my property investment journey towards financial freedom. It has become the UK’s bestselling book on property letting, and for good reason.

How to Let a Property

David covers all aspects of how to let a house or flat from covering the basic economics of property investment, deciding upon an appropriate strategy, finding a suitable property, obtaining finance, legals, through to letting and managing a profitable and sustainable and profitable tenancy. Selling and tax handling is also covered. A successful landlord himself, David guides the reader through the mechanics of buy-to-let in a no-fluff, no-frills adventure. His focus is on finding the right property, at the right price and letting it to the right tenant; each step is important to your long-term success as a landlord.

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