Retire On One Property Deal, Barry Davies

Retire on One Property DealThere are not many property books around that broach the subject of how to move forward as an investor once you have some experience under your belt. That experience might be in buy-to-let (BTL) or multi-lets as a landlord, or in doing renovations or buying to sell, but what then happens when you want to tackle something a bit bigger? Or seek alternative methods of funding after running out of cash?

Retire On One Property Deal goes some way to addressing such questions. I have known the author Barry Davies for a few years and can vouch for the fact that he has been downright, brutally honest about the pain and downsides of investing, ie when things go wrong, as well as about the huge upsides. Only by overcoming the former in many cases can we achieve the latter, and so it has been for Barry. The book starts with a painful personal tale of a deal that went horribly wrong and the fallout that went with it, then goes on to showcase how grit, determination and know-how can lead to a spectacular recovery.

The book, though, is much more than an engaging autobiography. It also covers case studies of larger, more ambitious deals that create a cash flow way in excess of the average national salary in the UK; how to evaluate risk; how to go about seeking joint venture funding, and a stack of other practical issues that have to be considered when you decide to make the transition from standard BTL investing to big stuff. It’s a big jump. You will need to be prepared.

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