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Property for the Next Generation review on Property Tribes

The Generation Game

Property for the Next Generation: Preparing Your Family for a Wealthy FutureAuthor interview with Vicki Wusche.

This is a book for all the parents out there. Written by Vicki Wusche, also known as The Property Mermaid, it discusses the reasons why it is essential to teach our children about finance and help them start securing their future through property. It is also Property Tribes’ book of the month for June 2013.

Today, more than any period in the past, it is crucial to introduce your kids to managing their own money early. If they are used to managing their own funds and understand finance, they will be far better prepared by the time that they leave home and have to fend for themselves financially. If we don’t teach them these essential lessons, then who will? It is not part of the school curriculum, so the responsibility rests with us.

What to teach them, and how to go about helping them start out on their own property journey, is all covered in Property for the Next Generation. This is an essential read for everyone, not just property investors.

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