Why Property Works, Hazel de Kloe

Your Property Network: February 2015 Book Review

YPN Review: Why Property WorksWhy Property Works by Hazel de Kloe

Do you know why you want to or already invest in property? What is the motivation that will keep you going when times get tough? These are the sorts of questions that Hazel de Kloe tackles in Why Property Works: Unlocks the Secrets of Successful Property Investing.

Hazel’s straightforward approach prompts you to check your why’s and wherefore’s before charging into property at the risk of making expensive mistakes. We all have to learn of course, and making mistakes is part of learning, but there are ways to minimise them. A coach as well as a property investor, she is well-positioned to advise on some of the personal as well as property fundamentals and that is the focus of this book.

The precept centres around alignment – are your head, your heart and your gut all in agreement about the action(s) that you are planning to take? Weird as that sounds, I have come across this before and completely agree with her. As coach Jamie Smart has said in the past, if there is a battle going on between your unconscious and the conscious – or rational – part of your mind, the unconscious will win every time. So we get in our own way, self-sabotage or simply quit before we get anywhere.

This stuff is relevant for all aspects of your life, not just property, but Hazel has packaged up the relevant bits to apply to our industry. If you have any doubts about what you are doing and why you are – or think you should be – doing it, it’s well worth a read.

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