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Property Magic: How to Buy Property Using Other People's Time, Money and ExperienceSimon Zutshi’s Property Magic is one of a range of educational tools from the creator of the Property Mastermind brand and courses. One of the most prominent educators in the field of property investing, he has poured a proverbial wealth of knowledge into this easy-to-read book.

Simon covers the essentials of what you need to consider, prepare for and do to take action, and more importantly, to be successful. He updated the book in 2012 to include information about what has changed in the market, and to discuss more recent strategies such as lease options. Along with Angela Bryant’s Complete Guide to Property Investing Success, Property Magic is one of the best introductions to property investing that I have found to date.

As well as discussing what to do, he also considers some of the reasons why people do not invest. An important chapter, because he – along with many others – makes it seem very easy. Once you have the know-how and get the bit between your teeth, it can be, but if we are crippled with fear, disinterest or a lack of knowledge/time/money, these can become a big barrier in our minds even if not in reality.

Arguably a lead-in to courses in the Property Mastermind brand, the books still stands well on its own.

I should perhaps point out that I may be slightly biased in Simon’s favour! The Other Half did the home study version of the Mastermind course a few years ago, and we both found Simon to be one of the good guys in the business, ethical in his approach and generous of his time.

When you buy the book, make sure you look for the most recent version – currently 2012.

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    • Hi, I was not aware the book was being advertised on TV, but please email me direct at hello (at) with your address. I have a couple of spare copies.

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