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Today (5th March) is World Book Day and what better way to celebrate than by talking about a brand new property book. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a preview read and I have to say – it is the property book I wish I’d written myself. It’s an essential addition to the bookshelf of any prospective or new investor, or any investor re-evaluating their strategy.

Property Investor Toolkit: A 7-Part Toolkit for Property Investment Success is different to many I have read in that (at present anyway) it’s in eBook format, which gives Richard plenty of opportunities to link to external resources including his own Property Voice blog, property forums, magazines and even (ahem) The Property Bookshop.

Information is presented in bite-size chunks; highlighted sections mean that you can skim through and pick up important bits; but coming in at less than 50 pages it’s short enough to digest in a single sitting. It is a small bundle full of value, and there is a great strategy selector tool which might help you define where you are and what is appropriate for you at this time.

Honestly, at this price, you really can’t go wrong. Even if you pick up just one or two tips, it’s worth it.


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** Since writing this review, Richard has very kindly sent me a copy of the “real” book. In full colour, it’s as distinctive and fresh as the Kindle version.


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