Property Investment for Beginners, Rob Dix

Property Investment for BeginnersBrand new property investors – start here! This is a short, entertaining and excellent introduction for anyone who is new to the game. Think of it perhaps as a ‘primer’ before you start your research.

Rob Dix is one of the best writers in property, but besides writing and investing himself, is also one half of The Property Hub and co-founder of Yellow Lettings on top of having a few other business interests. He is also known as The Property Geek, the brand under which this book is published. And he presents or co-presents a number of podcasts on the subject. Respect for the credentials (and for the energy levels in doing all that …)!

At just over 100 pages, Property Investment for Beginners: A Property Geek guide is short enough to read in one sitting and turns a subject that could be very dry into one that keeps you turning the pages and puts the occasional chuckle or smirk on your face.

Topics covered include basic principles of investing, creating a strategy and getting your head into the right place.

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