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A short while ago, Bristol-based Susannah Cole of The Good Property Company got in touch to let me know about a list of books that she and other members of the Facebook Below Market Value (BMV) Deals and Discussions group had compiled. As well as some specific to property, the list includes books on success mindset, positive thinking, wealth development and marketing, So get a cup of tea/coffee/something stronger and settle down for a good rummage through this list of property investors’ favourite books – all 71 of them. Although numbered, they’re not in order of favourites.

Alternatively, go straight to our Amazon store, Investors’ Favourites category, and pop the ones you want into your basket right away!

Many thanks to Susannah and the forum members for this list, which I have also adapted into the Investor’s Favourites category for the ones that have individual review posts on this site.


1. Think and Grow Rich: The Original Classic by Napoleon Hill (Review page)

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (Review page)

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

3. The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason (Review page)

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (Review page)

How to Win Friends and Influence People

5. Key Person of Influence (Revised Edition): The Five-Step Method to Become One of the Most Highly Valued and Highly Paid People in Your Industry by Daniel Priestly

Become a Key Person of Influence

6. Building Wealth: From Rags to Riches Through Real Estate by Russ Whitney

Building Wealth: From Rags to Riches Through Real Estate

7. Property Investing Secrets – How to Profit From Buy To Let by Rob Moore and Mark Homer

Property Investing Secrets

8. Positive Thinking (Essential Lifeskills) by Susan Quilliam

Positive Thinking

9. Who Moved My Cheese: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life by Dr Spencer Johnson

Who Moved My Cheese?

10. Trump Strategies for Real Estate: Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor by George Ross

Trump: Strategies for Real Estate

11. The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life by Jeff Olson (Review page)

The Slight Edge

12. You and Your Money by Alvin Hall

You and Your Money

13. The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Positive Thinking

14. The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-step Plan to Live and Finish Rich by David Bach

The Automatic Millionaire

15. Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind: Think rich to get rich by T. Harv. Eker (Review page)

The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

16. The Millionaire Next Door by Dr Thomas Stanley (Review page)

The Millionaire Next Door

17. Millionaire Women Next Door: The Many Journeys of Successful American Businesswomen by Dr Thomas Stanley

The Millionaire Women Next Door

18. Sarah Beeny’s Price the Job (a bit old, but a basic) (Review page)

Sarah Beeny's Price the Job

19. The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

The Greatest Salesman in the World

20. Cashvertising: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone by Drew Eric Whitman


21. The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

22. Tested Advertising Methods (Prentice Hall Business Classics) by John Caples

Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples

23. Contagious: Why Things Catch on by Jonah Berger

Contagious: Why Things Catch On

24. Getting Results the Agile Way: A Personal Results System for Work and Life by J.D. Meier

Getting Results the Agile Way

25. The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

The Power of Full Engagement

26. Procrastination: Why You Do It, What to Do About It by Jane Burka and Lenora Yuen

Procrastination: Why You Do It, What To Do About It Now

27. The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington

The 12 Week Year

28. Good To Great by Jim Collins

Good to Great by Jim Collins

29. The One Minute Manager – Increase Productivity, Profits And Your Own Prosperity by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson (Review page)

The One Minute Manager

30. Anything by Malcolm Gladwell!

31. The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich by Tim Ferriss (Review page)

The 4-Hour Work Week

32. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles

The Science of Getting RichA free PDF version of this title is available at Free – Science of Getting Rich free PDF.

33. Leading by Design, the IKEA story by Ingvar Kamprad and Bertil Torekull

Leading by Design: The IKEA Story

34. Buffett: The Biography by Roger Lowenstein

Buffett: The Biography

35. How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis (Review page)

How to Get Rich

36. How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life by Scott Adams

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

37. So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love by Cal Newport

So Good They Can't Ignore You

38. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

39. ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, 37 Signals

ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever

40. The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer by Jeffrey Liker

The Toyota Way

41. Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson

Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson

42. Property Magic: How to Buy Property Using Other People’s Time, Money and Experience by Simon Zutshi (Review page)

Property Magic

43. Your Wish is my Command, Kevin Trudeau (?? Sorry, couldn’t find that title by that particular author.)

44. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect

45. Persuasion Skills Black Book: Practical NLP Language Patterns for Getting The Response You Want by Rintu Basu

The Persuasion Skills Black Book

46. The Trumps: Three Generations That Built An Empire by Gwenda Blair

The Trumps by Gwenda Blair

47. Tycoon: Life of James Goldsmith by Geoffrey Wansell

Tycoon by Geoffrey Wansell

48. The SPIN Selling Fieldbook: Practical Tools, Methods, Exercises and Resources by Neil Rackham

The Spin Selling Field Book

49. Creating a Bug Free Mind: The Secret to Progress by Andy Shaw

Creating a Bug Free Mind

50. The 10-Second Philosophy: A Practical Guide to Success & Happiness by Derek Mills

10 Second Philosophy by Derek Mills

51. The Greatest Salesman in the World, Brian Tracy (?? Couldn’t find this one either but Brian Tracy has written a few sales books so I’ve put a link to his Amazon page.)

52. Man’s Search For Meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust by Viktor Frankl (Review page)

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

53. How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks For Big Success In Relationships by Leil Lowndes

How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes

54. Mastering Your Hidden Self (Quest Books) by Serge Kahili King

Mastering Your Hidden Self by Serge Kahili King

55. The Power Of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont

The Power of Concentration

56. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

57. Advanced Selling Strategies: The Proven System of Sales Ideas, Methods and Techniques Used by Top Salespeople Everywhere by Brian Tracy

Advanced Selling Strategies by Brian Tracy

58. The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big

59. Trump: The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump (Review page)

The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump

60. Dominate Your Ground by Mark I’Anson (Review page)

Dominate Your Ground by Mark I'Anson

61. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway: How to Turn Your Fear and Indecision into Confidence and Action by Susan Jeffers

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

62. What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Dr Shad Helmstetter

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

63. Live Your Dreams by Les Brown

Live Your Dreams by Les Brown

64. Hustle Your Way To Property Success: Love It Or Hate It. . .There’s No Inbetween by Paul Ribbons (Review page)

Hustle Your Way to Property Success by Paul Ribbons

65. Eat That Frog!: Get More of the Important Things Done – Today! by Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

66. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey (Review page)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

67. Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston and Keith Ferrazzi

Just Listen

68. Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want – Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible by Brian Tracy (Review page)

Goals by Brian Tracy

69. Stop Thinking, Start Living: Discover Lifelong Happiness by Richard Carlson

Stop Thinking Start Living

70. The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success by Angela Bryant (Review page)

The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success

71. How to Change Your Life: Who am I and What Should I Do with My Life? by Benjamin Bonetti

How to Change Your Life

3 thoughts on “Property Investors’ Favourite Books

  1. Jayne many thanks for compiling that list. Some I have read many I haven’t. Interestingly I listened to a podcast recently by a guy who said that it is better to read 4 or 5 of the best of these books a thousand times than to read a thousand different books once. What would people’s thiughts be on the top 5 I wonder? Many thanks again. Chris

    • Hi Chris, I can’t claim all the kudos! Susannah Cole and the Facebook group got the list of books together initially. In response to your top five question, you might be interested in The Property Tribes Essential reading list, where Vanessa Warwick has encouraged several top property people to nominate their top five books. The list on Property Bookshop, and on Property Tribes.

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