Why Property Works, Hazel de Kloe

Why Property Works by Hazel de KloeDo you know why you want to or already invest in property? What is the motivation that will keep you going when times get tough? These are the sorts of questions that Hazel de Kloe tackles in Why Property Works. Continue reading

Property Investors’ Favourite Books

This selection of books comes courtesy of Susannah Cole (The Good Property Company) and the Facebook BMV Group. As well as titles specific to property, the list includes books on success mindset, positive thinking, wealth development and marketing, So get a cup of tea/coffee/something stronger and settle down for a good rummage through the virtual shelves. Continue reading

Money for Nothing and Your Property for Free, Andy Shaw

Money for Nothing and Your Property for FreeInvestor Jonathan Clarke lists this as one of his favourites on the Property Tribes Essential reading list. Money for Nothing and Your Property for Free has mixed reviews on Amazon and, written back in 2006, times have changed quite radically in the property world since it was published, especially with regard to finance and mortgages. Continue reading

Real Estate Riches, Dolf de Roos

eal Estate RichesReal Estate Riches is quite possibly one of the classics of property investing. It has been on my reading list for a long time and I haven’t yet read it, but this recommendation comes from Nick Fox as part of the Property Tribes Essential Property Book List. Continue reading

Low Cost High Life, Mark Homer

Low Cost High LifeThe latest title from the Progressive Property stable is by Mark Homer. A very interesting read indeed, it fulfils the not-always-achieved feat of living up to the promise of the cover blurb (or Amazon description, depending on what entices you to buy it). Continue reading

Property Tycoon, Ian Samuels

Property Tycoon by Ian SamuelsThis is a property investment book for new investors, but one with a difference. Property Tycoon is for people who are prepared to start small and think big – it is about planning to build a multi-million portfolio from the very beginning of your property journey. Continue reading

Property Investment: The Essential Rules, Samantha Collett

Property Investment: The Essential Rules by Samantha CollettThis is Samantha Collett’s second book this year and the title says it all. This is about property investment and is an essential read for anyone who is new to investing, or even just thinking about it at the moment. Continue reading

Making Money from Property: Bristol Fashion, Del Brown

Making Money from Property, Bristol Fashion by Del BrownI found this book last year after the interview with Del for the “Monster Lets” article in the July 2013 issue of YPN. I had been inspired by what he had to say during the interview, his approach to business and property and by his story. Whether this is an unassuming approach that is typical of him or not, I don’t know, but he never mentioned the book – I found it purely by chance when looking for something else. Continue reading

Inside EA: A Behind the Scenes Look at How Estate Agents Operate, Steve Lucas

Inside EA by Steve LucasInside EA is all about what it takes – and what it is really like – to be an estate agent. If you have no experience in the game, then you might be in for a surprise. It’s probably tougher than you think. Continue reading

How to Buy Property at Auction, Samantha Collett

How To Buy Property at Auction: The Essential Guide to Winning Property and Buy-to-Let BargainsSam Collett is a familiar face and name on the property circuit, and also on some of the property forums. The author of well-known and award-winning blog What Sam Saw Today blog, she has now turned her attention to books as well as blogs and, of course, property.
Continue reading