Money for Nothing and Your Property for Free, Andy Shaw

Money for Nothing and Your Property for FreeInvestor Jonathan Clarke lists this as one of his favourites on the Property Tribes Essential reading list. Money for Nothing…. and Your Property for Free!: How in My First 12 Months 1 Bought 74 Properties Worth Over GBP 12, 000, 000 with None of My Own Money!’ the Passive Investments Strategy has mixed reviews on Amazon and, written back in 2006, times have changed quite radically in the property world since it was published, especially with regard to finance and mortgages.

I have not read it, but Jonathan found the maths and ROI statistics inspiring. While the investing principles presented might still be valid, be aware that some aspects of this book will be out of date.

Jonathan Clarke’s #2 book in the Property Tribes Essential Property Book List: “The mortgage landscape has changed since this book was written and Andy Shaw has his critics but I like his psychology of investing.

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