Make Cash in a Property Market Crash, Moore & Homer

Make Cash in a Property Market CrashMake Cash in a Property Market Crash is the second book by Progressive Property’s Rob Moore and Mark Homer. Written in 2008–at a time when fear was (and still is, at time of writing) pervading the national property market following the credit crunch–the book describes why now is a golden opportunity for investment, not likely to be repeated within our lifetime, and exactly how to take advantage from the current situation and profit from it.The book is structured into the following sections, with each section mostly having about five chapters within it:

  1. Introduction: Sheep and Crabs
  2. Getting Real
  3. The Current Market
  4. Psychology
  5. Motivated Sellers
  6. Accidential to Professional Investor
  7. Learn from their mistakes
  8. What are you going to do now?

A while ago, I met a successful landlord and asked him what motivated him to take action and build a property portfolio. His answer? “Make Cash in a Property Market Crash by Progressive Property”.

Before you go ahead and click buy (which you really should, it’s a great book), I just want to give you a final word of caution here: In my view, Rob and Mark at Progressive Property are no-doubt lovely guys and their books are stuffed with useful information, err, I mean secrets. However, they are also masters of selling and you must bear in mind that they run a company which makes money by selling things (training materials, systems, courses and seminars) to property investors — and that includes you.

Of course, it’s 100% up to you whether you take Rob and Mark up on any of their subsequent ‘offers’–which are spoon-fed to you by their relentless email marketing list if you sign-up–but my hope is that by reading some (all!) of the books featured on this website and following my blog, you won’t need to spend big money to learn the ‘secrets’ of how to make money in property. Please don’t let my comments put you off the book though, it really is a damn good read and will get you fired-up and taking action.

(NB: Rob Moore and Mark Homer have also written another great book, The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets, which is the precursor to this and is also a very worthy read)

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