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Low Cost High LifeProperty Tribes Book of the Month, November 2014

YPN Review: Low Cost High Life

The latest title from the Progressive Property stable is by Mark Homer. A very interesting read indeed, Low Cost High Life: Live an Affordable Life of Luxury fulfils the not-always-achieved feat of living up to the promise of the cover blurb (or Amazon description, depending on what entices you to buy it).

There is so much in this book, it is difficult to know where to start in a review. Should it be Mark’s story about his childhood and what led him to be the person he is today? Or the tips about creating and growing a business? Or even perhaps the message behind the title – the principles of having a wealthy lifestyle for the lowest possible cost? It’s all there, and I have found it one of the most enjoyable property reads for a while.

Except for one thing.

The typos, word errors and lack of polish cannot be ignored. They are present to the point of distraction, particularly in the first half of the book. I bought the Kindle version and it is possible that it may have been an early one, followed by a fully edited version going to print later. I hope so.

Beyond that, it probably lends itself better to the print version as it contains photographs, which rarely translate well to Kindle format.

Look beyond the errors, and it’s a good ‘un.

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