Boost Your Pension and Income from Property, Kam Dovedi

Your Property Network: March 2015 Book Review

Boost Your Pension and Income from PropertyYPN Review: Boost Your Pension and Income from Property

Kam Dovedi is a successful investor based in London, and he is ready to share that success through his property-based services, i.e., through joint ventures; sourcing, purchase and lettings; mentoring, and so on. He has also chosen to share a) what he has done and b) how you can invest successfully, in this book.

Boost Your Pension and Income from Property: The Smart Investor’s Guide to Creating a Profitable Property Portfolio is an excellent starter for new investors, particularly those who do not want to be hands-on. Indeed, Kam has written a section on how to find the right people to find and let property on your behalf and if this is your chosen approach, it is worth the modest price to avoid becoming shark-bait. There are also a few nuggets for those who already have a bit of experience.

The focus is firmly on a particularly strategy – single lets within reach of London. There are of course other strategies in other locations that also work which are not mentioned here, and those may be more appropriate for you if you live elsewhere and prefer to invest closer to home. Kam however is talking about what he knows, and from experience of what has worked for him. A sound premise for writing a book, and this is one which is well-written and full of sensible principles.

I have spoken to Kam on interviews for Your Property Network a couple of times. His enthusiasm is infectious and he has an inspirational family story. He is an investor with a big heart.

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