The Beginner’s Guide to Colour Psychology, Angela Wright

The Beginner's Guide to Colour PsychologyA strange choice perhaps for property people, but  there’s more to this than meets the eye (ahem … if you’ll pardon the visual pun!). Inspired by Magnolia walls – the influence of colour on consumers on Property Tribes, I thought I’d share with you a book on the subject that I have used as a manual several times.

Those of us who are landlords are most likely used to using various shades of magnolia or white in our rental properties. When it comes to refurbishment to sell a property though, or development or holiday letting, there is an argument to be more adventurous. This book goes deep into the theory of colour (unless you’re interested, you may prefer to skip the technical bits), but the author is a consultant who has advised several large organisations on the topic. Published back in ’95, fashions may have changed but the theories will still be relevant.

There is a section on colour in the home (read it to find out why yellow bedrooms don’t work), and another on how to use colour in commerce. She also goes into the personal psychology of colour – endlessly fascinating. Well, I think so, anyway.

You may be dedicated to a traditional monochrome or magnolia palette when it comes to property, but could it be time to expand your horizons? Especially if you take on buy-to-sell projects, developments or holiday lets. When did you last go into a show home that was just magnolia and white?

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