The Naked Warrior, Benjamin Leppier

The Naked Warrior: Release the Inner Warrior and Transform Your LifeEvery now and again, a book comes along that is remarkable because it has been written from the heart. The Naked Warrior is one such. The author, Benjamin Leppier, speaks about transforming your life; in doing so, he has drawn on personal experience in turning his life around, providing a sense of the real person behind the words.

For property investors interested in personal development, this is an interesting book because Ben has been through the portfolio building stage, right from the very beginning. He and his partner succeeded in creating a formidable property business in a short time (and you can read more about that in his former business partner Barry Davies‘ book Escape the Rat Race with Property Lease Options). Ben knows what he’s talking about when it comes to what it takes inside to be able to achieve that.

What it takes, in fact, is knowing yourself – your motivations, values, what keeps you going when times get tough. Ben encourages you to develop the traits you need to succeed – ‘The Traits of a Warrior’.

There are plenty of books about success and mindset on the market. This one is worth a look because it is written by an investor, and though it may not be specifically written for investors, he does know where we are coming from.

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