Millionaire Property Author, Stephanie Hale

Millionaire Property AuthorThis is one for all you budding property authors out there. Millionaire Property Author does pretty much what it says on the tin, and it is definitely worth getting hold of a copy if you are thinking of putting pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard) to get your own message out there.

Stephanie Hale has a stack of experience across several genres of publishing. A publishing consultant under the brand Oxford Literary Consultancy, she has helped many authors produce books that are professional and up to the mark, as well as supporting them with the post-publishing marketing. She also understands property, which is a big bonus for authors in our field.

Not so much a how-to book, this is more of a “how others did it”: a series of interviews with property authors about their writing process, marketing and post-sales work, and how, in many cases, the books have helped in building their businesses. Each interview/chapter has a summary of key points at the end.

You might well recognise a few names within the pages or even have read a few of the books written by interviewees. The list includes Rob Moore, John Lee, Steve Bolton and Vicki Wusche among many others. Even if you’re not planning to write your own property book, this is an interesting read as it provides an insight into the minds of some of the big names in the business.


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