Deep Survival, Laurence Gonzales

Deep SurvivalAt first glance, the title and subject matter of Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies and Why might cause you to wonder why it is included on a blog for books to inspire property investors. It is, however, another of Martin Skinner‘s favourite books and given all that he has achieved, is probably therefore worth reading.

I have to hold my hands up and say I know nothing about this book, but it intrigued me when I saw it on Martin’s list. A quick look at the author’s web site reveals that he has written several titles, mostly revolving around the subject of resilience, and how people cope and recover from all sorts of situations – from the practical of survival in the wild, to illness, addiction and business failures.

More books to add to my own rapidly growing reading list.

Martin Skinner’s #4 book in the Property Tribes Essential Property Book List.

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