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Conversations with MillionairesThis is a favourite of property investor and mortgage broker Lisa Orme, as identified in the Property Tribes Essential Book List series. It is not one that I have read, but Conversations with Millionaires could well be worth a look for behind-the-scenes insights into what has made some of today’s well-known business millionaires.

From the Amazon description, it seems to have an American bias. From a more selfish perspective, perhaps it would have been more attractive to readers on this side of the pond to have included a couple of British figures. There are plenty to choose from, and even a handful in our own industry, but I’m going off topic.

The book has mixed reviews on Amazon, but if Lisa thinks it’s good, I reckon it’s worth a go.

Lisa Orme’s #2 book in the Property Tribes Essential Property Book List – “idea overload!

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