Cold, Ranulph Fiennes

Property Tribes: Book of the Month February 2015

Cold by Ranulph Fiennes
Property Tribes Book of the Month, February 2015How on earth can this be relevant to property investing, or to the property industry? Well, you might be surprised. Although uncertain about how Cold: Extreme Adventures at the Lowest Temperatures on Earth might be relevant when I started reading, there are several parallels that we can draw from what it takes to mount an expedition to one of the Polar Regions, and apply to reaching our own goals.

I have mentioned some of those parallels on the Property Tribes review. I haven’t finished reading the book yet though and will be back with some more thoughts and reactions when I have. In the meantime, whether you apply any lessons to your property journey or not, it’s a darn good, inspirational read – one that I would already recommend to anyone.

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