Stairs for Breakfast, Patrick Souiljaert

Property Tribes: Book of the Month June 2015

Stairs for BreakfastProperty Tribes Book of the Month, June 2015A few months ago, I and several others in the property investment industry passed on the word about helping Patrick Souiljaert get his book published. I’m delighted that he has succeeded in his mission – as he has with so many other challenges he has set himself in life – and more than that, am both honoured and privileged to have been sent an advance copy to read.

This is not a book specifically about property, but it is written by someone who is a property investor, so therefore qualifies for inclusion on the Property Bookshop blog. We’ve all had challenges on our property journey, but I’d hazard a guess that not so many have had to face those that Patrick has had to overcome. He has Cerebral Palsy and everyday things that most take for granted, like talking, walking, and climbing the ‘stairs’ of the title, are rather significant accomplishments for him. Not that he rests on his laurels after succeeding at anything though – after overcoming one hurdle, he’s right on to the next with a dauntless spirit. Even the existence of this book is evidence of his determination, as he typed the 30,000+ words with just one finger.

Stairs for Breakfast is an autobiography. It does not recount Patrick’s property journey, but covers his early life, years of education and first years in the workplace. The property story will follow in the next book but I’d say that you probably need to read this first to understand the context. This is a no-holds-barred, sometimes painful, brutally honest account of living with a condition caused by an accident at birth.

The jaunty style reflects Patrick’s sense of humour, but there is an underlying intelligence and sharpness running through the narrative. A remarkable memory and acute observational skills give us an insight into his world.

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