The Road Less Travelled, M Scott Peck

The Road Less TravelledI first read my well-thumbed copy of this book years and years ago, and was fascinated when Jonathan Clarke listed it as one of his favourites on the Property Tribes Essential Book list. When it comes to the subject of the mind, The Road Less Travelled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth is a heavyweight (in terms of subject matter, not the size of the book!), going way beyond success mindset principles to address some of life’s big issues.

Referencing and dealing with topics such as depression, dependency and mental illness as well as the concepts of love and freedom, this is a challenging read, as much about a spiritual approach and morality as it is about the practicalities. Yes, there are some nuggets of practical advice, but it is a book that will make you think and consider your own approach to life.

Definitely recommend reading for anyone – if you’re up for it.

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Jonathan Clarke’s #5 book in the Property Tribes Essential Property Book List: “This turns the screw on your own mind. It exposes you for who you are. Makes you think. Makes you look inward into your soul.

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