Mayhem, Murder & Multi-Lets, Francis Dolley

Your Property Network: January 2015 Book Review

Mayhem, Murder & Multi-Lets by Francis DolleyYPN Review: Mayhem, Murder & Multi-Lets

And now for something completely different … well, sort of. Author Francis Dolley (along with daughter Emily) is well-known for his work with multi-letting and the rent-to-rent strategy, but Mayhem, Murder & Multi-Lets turned out to be much more than the theory of rent-to-rent that I expected. It is a thoroughly entertaining read, and one that might well have you laughing out loud at times and cringing at others.

There are a few learning points but I am not sure that is the main purpose of this book. If you are considering multi-letting or rent-to-rent – or perhaps even becoming a landlord – then put this on your reading list. You’ll pick up a huge amount from Francis’ tales, get a good idea of what not to do, and get a peek behind the scenes at training events. You will also discover the passion that has driven him to develop his business to where it is today.


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Multi-let landlords might be interested in Francis’ free Guide to Living in a Shared House.

4 thoughts on “Mayhem, Murder & Multi-Lets, Francis Dolley

  1. you mention the legals and what kind of tenancies to use or are suitable? Does this book outline the right kind of forms to use and what is required within them?

    • Hi Glen,

      It doesn’t go into that level of detail, but I’m not sure if Francis has published that information elsewhere. I’ll let you know when I hear back from him.

  2. Thanks Jayne.
    Hi Glen.
    MMM is split into 2 sections – the later focussing more on the Rent 2 Rent strategy we adopted several years ago.
    It mentions the training events we run – – where you can get all the contracts, documents and forms you will need. Plus a 260 page training manual and we also have a really good support group with over 500 members.
    All a bit too much to squeeze into the MMM book.
    Take a look at the website and get back to me 🙂

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