Key Management Ratios, Ciaran Walsh

Key Management RatiosJohn Paul’s selection of favourites for the Property Tribes Essential Book List takes us more highbrow in the Business section. As well as some of the well-known popular titles, he includes some heavyweights (not in the literal sense!), one of which is this title from the Financial Times Series.

Key Management Ratios covers some of the business basics. I haven’t come across it myself, but going on John’s recommendation it is bound to be worth a read. The author discusses measuring business performance through key performance indicators (KPI’s) and other topics pertaining to business, such as cash flow, return on investment (ROI) and more.

John Paul’s #2 book: “This book helped me not only understand the importance of metrics but also pick efficient and effective metrics that gave me information I really needed to know and not for knowing’s sake. It made reporting and measuring in Castledene very easy.”

John Paul Favourites – Property Tribes List #10

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