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Francis Dolley's book stackBrowsing around on Facebook (as you do on a Friday …), I came across this photo posted by Francis Dolley of MCLS (Multi-Let Cashflow System) and couldn’t resist asking him if we could reproduce it here.

These are his words:

Funny how 1 day can change the direction of your life – 4 years ago I read a few fictional books a year. Since meeting and training with Rob Moore I have gathered a different type of library – and this is without the audio’s – just had to upgrade to a better phone to accommodate! I like this life much better. Thank you Mr M.

Isn’t it amazing what we can do once we make a decision, educate ourselves, focus and keep reading?

My own bookshelf has some similar titles, though a few are missing because they are in various places around the house as I read them. They may not all be property books, but they are relevant to personal and/or professional development, which is an essential part of success.

BookshelfOver the last few years, I have had several clutter clearing fits, but books are my weakness. They’re like old friends and it is so hard to part with them. Space meant that some inevitably had to go, so out went the books-I’ve-never-looked-at, the coffee-table-glossies, the daft-Xmas-presents and the ones-I-never-really-liked. It was still a tough job though. This lot, however, are staying put – many of them are professional references, others are dog-eared old favourites.

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