In Conversation with: Mark I’Anson

Mark I'Anson, author of Dominate Your GroundAuthor: Dominate Your Ground

I had a terrific chat with Mark I’Anson earlier today. It was good to speak to him at long last after a series of emails over the past few weeks and it is always great to get to know the person behind a book.

An Accidental Start in Property

Mark has been in the property business for years, so I was surprised to hear that it took him quite a while to start seriously negotiating on prices – and that he got started by accident. To hear more about Mark’s property journey and get more of an insight into his approach, download the audio of the conversation. You will also find out why a pool played a big part in finishing the book!

Dominate Your Ground is reviewed in the July 2013 edition of Your Property Network magazine. Read the review ...

Download the audio of In Conversation with Mark I’Anson.

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