Happy Birthday Monopoly!

MonopolyDid you know that the Monopoly Board Game is 80 years old? Well, if you want to be really pedantic it’s a bit older than that (1903 in fact) but the current format first went on sale on 7 February 1935. Is there anyone out there who has never played Monopoly? More to the point for investing folks, is there anyone out there who wasn’t inspired to own chunks of London real estate?

I must say, I have a particular fondness for the Brown’s and the Blue’s (you can get from house to hotel much quicker and wipe out the investor competition other players … not that I’m a mean player! *;) winking). Only wish it were true in real life. Sigh …

Perhaps we should put our heads together and come up with a UK investor special edition!


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Jayne Owen is a property investor and landlord in Wales, UK, editor and review on propertybookshop.com, and writer at Your Property Network magazine. Find out more about her at www.mozaique.co.uk.

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