In Conversation with: Aran Curry

Aran Curry of The Insight Group

Author: The Property Coach

Nothing beats a good conversation so after several email exchanges over the past couple of months, it was great to finally speak to Aran.

As well as talking about the book, in our chat Aran shares a lot of information about how he got started in property and about some of the fundamentals of running a successful property business. With four businesses under the banner of The Insight Group, a name that might be familiar to many, he talks about some of the challenges that he has met and overcome in the years it has taken to build the business to its current position.

Property for Freedom

At present, Aran is closely involved with setting up the Property for Freedom charity. Download the audio now to hear about the cause.

The Property Coach¬†was reviewed in the June 2013 edition of Your Property Network magazine. Read the review …

Download In Conversation with Aran Curry.


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