In Conversation with: Angela Bryant

Angela Bryant, author of The Complete Guide to Property Investing SuccessI recently had the opportunity and pleasure of chatting with Angela Bryant, author of The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success. Quietly one of the UK’s property greats, there’s not a lot she doesn’t know about buy-to-let and making the numbers work.

She talks about how she got started back in her student days, and what got her interested in investing in a bigger way. Starting in earnest in the mid-1990’s, she and husband Dave have built a formidable portfolio, and she shares some of her insights here. She also tells us about one of her greatest strengths … which is at the same time – occasionally – one of her greatest challenges!

Angela discusses what she believes to be important for people starting out in property investing today, why it is important to keep things simple and how the concept of yin and yang has figured in her journey.

Yin and YangImage: Wikipedia entry on Yin and Yang

Not one to rest on her laurels for long, she is looking to a few new challenges as she plans for the future.

Download the In Conversation with Angela Bryant MP3 to hear the full conversation on audio.

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