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David GW BartlettI’m David GW Bartlett1, full-time professional landlord, property investor, developer and owner of PropertyBookshop.com.

I’m based in the UK and have been renting property since 2001. I gave up my full-time job in 2007 to focus on building my portfolio (albeit with a tiny, two year long round-the-world trip squeezed in between!) and have worked hard to achieve the elusive Financial Freedom that many investors seek for themselves.

Many people spend hundreds–often thousands–on property-related education, training courses, coaching and mentoring hoping that they might learn the ‘secrets’ to becoming financially independent.

Through PropertyBookshop.com, I want to show you that there is another, far cheaper, way to become a successful investor. The vast majority of my knowledge has come from reading books, meeting and talking to people and–ultimately–in putting into practice what I’ve learnt by actually investing, developing, letting and managing property.

The site essentially has two angles:

  1. A list of useful property books that have helped me, and that I think might help you too.
  2. My property blog, in which I’ll write about my real-world experiences of property investment, development and letting.

Whether you’re keen to dip your toe into the property market for the first time, or already run a significant portfolio, I do hope that you will find lots of value in the books I recommend and within my blog (you’re reading it!).

To get started, I’d like to invite you to read my email newsletter; delivering useful tips, real-world property experiences and useful book reviews direct to your inbox in an unobtrusive fashion. I hate hard-selling tactics; you won’t find any here, nor will I share your email address with anyone else.



  1. You’re probably wondering why I use my middle initials in my name online; comes across as a bit pompous, perhaps? Forgive me, the reason I do is so that people can find me online. If you do a search for “David Bartlett” in Google you’ll see my namesakes comprise a former Tasmanian Premier, a journalist, fashion stylist, designer and, naturally, a prosthodontics consultant. Pretty crowed place, this internet. So, I use my middle initials, GW, to help people find me more easily online. Hopefully, you don’t think I’m pompous now…? []

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