Happy Birthday Monopoly!

MonopolyDid you know that Monopoly is 80 years old? Well, if you want to be really pedantic it’s a bit older than that (1903 in fact) but the current format first went on sale on 7 February 1935. Is there anyone out there who has never played Monopoly? More to the point for investing folks, is there anyone out there who wasn’t inspired to own chunks of London real estate? Continue reading

Property Investors’ Favourite Books

This selection of books comes courtesy of Susannah Cole (The Good Property Company) and the Facebook BMV Group. As well as titles specific to property, the list includes books on success mindset, positive thinking, wealth development and marketing, So get a cup of tea/coffee/something stronger and settle down for a good rummage through the virtual shelves. Continue reading

Can You Help?

Stairs for BreakfastCan you join the UK property community in helping Patrick Souiljaert achieve his goal of getting his book published? Stairs for Breakfast is the story of his remarkable journey through life and property – remarkable because he has Cerebral Palsy. Continue reading

A Stack of Property Books

Francis Dolley's book stackBrowsing around on Facebook (as you do on a Friday …), I came across this photo posted by Francis Dolley of MCLS (Multi-Let Cashflow System) and couldn’t resist asking him if we could reproduce it here. Continue reading

In Conversation with: Aran Curry

Aran Curry of The Insight GroupNothing beats a good conversation so after several email exchanges over the past couple of months, it was great to finally speak to Aran. Continue reading

In Conversation with: Mark I’Anson

Mark I'Anson, author of Dominate Your GroundI had a terrific chat with Mark I’Anson earlier today. It was good to speak to him at long last after a series of emails over the past few weeks and it is always great to get to know the person behind a book. Continue reading

In Conversation with: Barry Davies

Barry DaviesI was very grateful to Barry Davies for taking time out from his busy schedule to have a chat on the very day that he was going off on holiday to South America. I was even more grateful that he stayed on the line for an extra few minutes following technical problems at my end that resulted in an aborted first call. Continue reading

In Conversation with: Vicki Wusche

Vicki WuscheVicki is the author of three property books that started as a single e-book, but grew and grew! I really enjoyed speaking to her recently. While we chatted, she shared information about some of her challenges and successes in property and explained what led to her switch from education to working as an investor, sourcer, coach and author. Continue reading

In Conversation with: Angela Bryant

Angela Bryant, author of The Complete Guide to Property Investing SuccessI recently had the opportunity and pleasure of chatting with Angela Bryant, author of The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success. Quietly one of the UK’s property greats, there’s not a lot she doesn’t know about buy-to-let and making the numbers work. Continue reading